10 Biggest WWE Money In The Bank Surprises

Returns, cash-ins and improbable winners, oh my!

7. The Intellectual Failure Of The Masses

Damien sandow cash in 2013

You have to give it to Damien Sandow, who really took everything he was given in WWE and made it work, often by sheer force of willpower and in the face of creative team apathy and neglect. 

By the summer of 2013, the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses was enjoying a great run with Rhodes Scolars tag partner Cody Rhodes. Both men found themselves vying for the World Heavyweight Championship's Money in the Bank briefcase, however, and Sandow showed no mercy in usurping Rhodes in order to retrieve it. 

The team split, Cody won their big grudge match at SummerSlam and then Damien's momentum stalled. 

But was it just a classic case of misdirection, fans wondered, a way to cool him off before unleashing him and his guaranteed title shot on the world? 


Sandow, having not appeared on the three pay-per-views since SummerSlam, came out on Raw the day after Hell in a Cell and challenged new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to a match. 

He destroyed Big Match John's big left arm and looked competitive, but ultimately succumbed to defeat, marking only the second time the Money in the Bank briefcase holder had failed to successfully cash-in. 

Sandow has since said that the cash-in was hotshotted as WWE felt they needed a boost in the ratings, as they were going up against the World Series and Monday Night Football, so it was a surprise to himself as well as us. 

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