10 Biggest WWE 'Never Say Never' Moments

Never say never in WWE

Of all the adages in wrestling, ‘never say never’ rings truest. Whenever a wrestler says they are never going to do business with WWE again or even never step inside the squared circle again, the claim often turns out to be untrue eventually. 

A pro-wrestling retirement wouldn’t be the same if that wrestler didn’t come back for at least one match after ‘hanging up his boots’ and despite how bitter relations within WWE can get, even the most unlikely wrestlers have ended up reconciling with the organisation. 

We’ve seen some highly unlikely WWE moments over the years, some that the people involved never thought would ever actually happen. 

Here are the 10 Biggest WWE ‘Never Say Never’ Moments. 

10. Scott Steiner inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Scott steiner wwe hall of fame 2022

Scott Steiner’s WWE return in 2002 promised so much but, sadly, delivered so little. 

Big Poppa Pump’s feud with World Heavyweight Champion Triple H was entertaining, but the two stunk the joint out in their two pay-per-view outings and Steiner subsequently went tumbling down the card. 

By the time he was released in the summer of 2004, WWE had basically been paying him to stay at home, because they didn’t have anything for him and felt like he wasn’t worth the risk. 

The Genetic Freak spent the 18 years after his departure talking smack about not just the company, also saying some very personal and derogatory things about not just The Cerebral Assassin, but his wife Stephanie and Vince McMahon as well.

Frequently laughing off the idea of accepting a Hall of Fame induction offer and rebuffing any attempt to get him to sign a legends contract, the announcement that Scott would be a part of the 2022 class of the WWE Hall of Fame alongside brother Rick took everyone by surprise. 

The fact that his nephew currently works for the company, coupled with some health scares, may have convinced The Big Bad Booty Daddy to accept the honour, just a few years after he was banned from the ceremony. 

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