10 Fascinating Tales From WWE WrestleMania History

WrestleMania 13 was 24 years ago today...

8. A Fairytale Ending

There weren't too many dry eyes in the Los Angeles Sports Arena at WrestleMania 7, when Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth reunited after two kayfabe years apart.

Savage had just seen his career end at the hands of The Ultimate Warrior, and, in his prone state, was being angrily kicked by an irate Sensational Sherri. Elizabeth burst from the crowd in order to save the man she still loved, and when Randy realized what had transpired, he embraced the woman he knew he'd always loved.

Savage returned to the ring that fall after eight months of inactivity, entering into a feud with Jake Roberts. While the obvious joke is that retirements in wrestling mean about as much as vows at a Kardashian wedding, Savage apparently had intended to stay retired.

At 38 years old, he coveted a normal home life with Elizabeth, save for commentary spots and other guest appearances. 

But when the babyface side of the roster ailing after Warrior's August 1991 firing and the erosion of Hulk Hogan's public image, Vince McMahon began aggressively working to convince Savage to return, and Macho ultimately relented.

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