10 Greatest Wrestling Works Ever

10 greatest works in pro wrestling history!

Most wrestling fans are privy to the world of professional wrestling - knowing the backstage language, reading articles on this website, and acknowledging the fact that the wrestlers you see on-screen have different lives and personas outside of the ring. 

However, there are still times when we get suckered into storylines, the predetermined results, and everything in between. Sometimes, wrestling really feels real. Whether we were clued up or not, we all vividly remember those times when we got "worked" and took the bait - hook, line, and sinker.

These are the 10 Greatest Wrestling Works Ever! 

10. Randy Savage Attacks Ricky Steamboat

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One reason why Randy Savage was one of the best of his generation was due to the sheer intensity ‘The Macho Man’ exuded any time he was at work. On the mic, in the back, in the ring, he was unpredictable and ready to snap at seemingly a moment’s notice.

In November 1986, Savage was in the midst of his legendary Intercontinental Title run, and sensing that Ricky Steamboat was good enough to threaten his reign, he viciously assaulted ‘The Dragon’ after a match between the two, elbow dropping Steamboat’s larynx onto the top of the guardrail, and further crushing his throat with a ring bell shot from the top.

The crowd were at a fever pitch during Savage’s assault, pelting ‘Macho Man’ with garbage as Steamboat was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the back for this heinous attack. This incident caused issues between the two to explode, with Steamboat returning months later to stop Savage attacking George Steele in a similar manner. 

Savage and Steamboat’s feud would increase in violence until Steamboat finally vanquished Savage for the belt at WrestleMania 3 in an iconic match. 

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