10 Greatest Wrestling Works Ever

10 greatest works in pro wrestling history!

8. CM Punk leaves with the WWE Title

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In the lead-up to Money in the Bank 2011, for all anyone knew, CM Punk’s WWE contract was expiring and he was heading out of the company. His feud with John Cena took off due to the expert blending of reality and kayfabe, with Punk’s fourth wall breaking on the mic, the idea of who management wants versus who the people want, and the revelation that Punk’s WWE deal was legitimately expiring.

Shockingly, CM Punk managed to score the victory over Cena and win the WWE Title, and when he blew a kiss to McMahon and hightailed it onto the streets of Chicago, the question hanging over everyone’s head was “Has he really gone, taking the belt with him?”

After a couple of weeks of Punk showing up at Comic Cons and random backgardens with the title, Punk returned to WWE. The company did not have the patience to fully commit to the ruse that Punk was no longer under contract, bringing him back in time for SummerSlam. 

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