10 Infamously Short-Lived WWE Gimmicks

The most infamous one-and-dones (or close to it) to have ever graced a WWE audience...

9. The Headbanger


No, not Mosh and Thrasher - that's Headbangers plural. This one is singular, and predates those Marilyn Manson worshippers by about eight years. In 1988, WWE brought in veteran brawler Jos LeDuc, a French-Canadian lumberjack with perhaps the most intimidating eyes that ever sat inside a wrestler's head. The barrel-chested maniac survived many a bloodbath throughout his 20 years working the territories, but his time with WWE lasted mere months.

After a few months wrestling at untelevised events, LeDuc debuted on WWE's Prime Time Wrestling in July 1988 as the brown overalls-wearing Headbanger (or Headbanger Butcher, as Gorilla Monsoon called him), managed by Frenchy Martin, and he didn't even win his match. The growling, snarling LeDuc was disqualified after two minutes for headbutting jobber Brian Costello in the corner repeatedly, refusing referee's orders to let Costello out. His only other televised match came three weeks later, a loss to Tito Santana. Not long after, the 43-year-old LeDuc was fired, with WWE being but a footnote in his long and distinguished career.

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