10 Infamously Short-Lived WWE Gimmicks

The most infamous one-and-dones (or close to it) to have ever graced a WWE audience...

8. The Toxic Turtles

The toxic turtles

Technically, the half-shell half-wits were never seen on WWE TV, but their appearance is definitely of the "one and done" variety. And plus, thanks to the magic of WWE's Unreleased DVD set, we all got to bask in this charming idiocy a quarter-century later. Barely a year after WCW ran into some legal issues with Marvel Comics for dressing Brad Armstrong up as a yellow-and-purple Spiderman, WWE walked a rather similar path.

Perennial enhancement talents Duane Gill and Barry Hardy had the custom Turtle outfits made, thinking they'd be eye-catching enough to find more regular work. They wore the costumes once at a Wrestling Challenge taping in Augusta, GA in March 1993, defeating two prelim guys in a matter of minutes. Unofficially, their names were Timmy and Tommy Turtle, which certainly don't sound like any renaissance painters I've heard of. The crowd on hands seemed rather bemused by the antics of the green machine, and it was just as well. Figuring reps from Mirage Studios would show up to Titan Tower armed to the teeth, the Turtles went back to the sewers from whence they came.

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