10 Major Shows Missing From The WWE Network

Because we need more wrestling to fill our weeks...

Though the WWE Network continues to add to its already-vast library of content, there are still some gaps that really need to be filled.

Yes, it’s great having every episode of Raw, Smackdown, Nitro, Thunder, countless documentaries, stuff from the territories, a glut of pay-per-views and a million other things, but, as the old saying goes, you always want what you can’t have.

And we want some Shotgun Saturday Night, Action Zone, WCW Pro and any other show WWE are willing to throw our way!

Most, if not all of those shows, will likely be uploaded in due course, but there are some standalone specials we're less sure about.

Now, WWE has a lot of footage sitting and waiting in their insane vault, so don't expect absolutely everything to be made available, but some things that are missing from the Network have aired elsewhere, such as on the old subscription channel WWE 24/7, Classics on Demand or video or DVD.

Since Classics on Demand is now defunct no one has owned a DVD player since around 2015, it would be nice to have these ready to enjoy at the press of a button.

So, to mark the seventh anniversary of the WWE Network going live in the States, here are ten such shows that need adding to the service as soon as possible!

10. WWE Mayhem in Manchester

There are plenty of WWE’s UK-exclusive pay-per-views for you to enjoy on the WWE Network, with One Night Only, Capital Carnage, No Mercy, and every Insurrextion and Rebellion just a mouse click away.

The one that you won’t be able to watch, however, is Mayhem in Manchester.

Taking place just a week after WrestleMania 14 at a packed Manchester Arena, the show brought the new WWE Attitude to England for the first time.

While an abbreviated VHS tape of the show, with highlights and some complete matches, was released (and there are a few clips on WWE’s YouTube channel), it has not since found its way onto the Network.

Why? Not a darn clue, because the show wasn’t half-bad based on what we can tell.

It was by no means spectacular but any show with a double main event of Steve Austin versus Triple H in a WWE Title match and The Undertaker battling Kane is worth at least a curious glance.

While Stone Cold versus The Game is the best thing on the card (and even then it was pretty short), the most notable thing about the event is that The Deadman was forced to wrestle in street clothes after the airline lost his luggage, giving fans a sneak peak at biker ‘Taker, two years before the arrival of the American Badass.

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