10 Most Controversial WWE Attitude Era Storylines

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9. Heel JR

Fake diesel jim ross

By 1999 Jim Ross was already one of the most beloved announcers in the history of the business, having been on hand to make some of the most iconic calls in WWE history. 

His passion and knowledge of the product shone through and fans respected and admired him for his work. 

Despite his bond with the audience, WWE on a couple of occasions tried to turn him heel. 

On the first in 1996, he was credited with bringing in the fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, and cut scathing promos against the company. His Attitude Era heel run was no less misjudged but much more controversial due to the circumstances. 

While calling the Capital Carnage pay-per-view in late ’98, JR suffered another bout of Bell’s Palsy, which necessitated his removal from the broadcast table. 

When he returned, he came back as a bitter and angry man who was upset at WWE, the fans and his replacement, Michael Cole. 

This included having Steve ‘Dr. Death’ Williams act as his bodyguard and do things like bringing out his own mini commentary booth to call matches, which is all harmless enough but people questioned WWE’s scripted motivation, wondering how they could use his real-life illness – brought on by the stress caused from the passing of his mother, no less – as storyline fuel to become a baddy. 

Fans didn’t accept it and, before too long, it was dropped and JR was back as the full-time voice of WWE.

And they never messed with him again... 

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