10 Most Iconic Moments in WWE Raw History

It's 22 years to the day since the famous beer truck segment...

9: The Pipebomb

It’s safe to say that without CM Punk’s legendary 2011 pipebomb promo, the current WWE landscape would look a hell of a lot different. We probably wouldn’t have seen Daniel Bryan triumph at WrestleMania 30, or AJ Styles as WWE Champion. 

On a straightforward level, Punk’s promo aired the various grievances that he had since leaving the independent scene for WWE. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. It also aired our grievances - the cynical, entitled internet fans who take wrestling far too seriously. 

We all do it, don’t pretend you’re better than the rest of us. 

Punk’s promo was almost like an anti-WWE message-board rant, but with the benefit of airing on live television. Also, it was being delivered by one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the world, rather than a 15-year-old teenager hyped up on energy drinks.

Punk utterly laid into his employers, and broke several company taboos. He name-dropped other promotions, called out backstage figures like John Laurinaitis, and even referred to Triple H as Vince’s ‘doofus son-in-law’.

Quite simply, it was music to our smarky ears. 

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