10 Most Memorable Stephanie McMahon WWE Moments

Happy 45th birthday to the Billion Dollar Princess.

Today is the birthday of WWE's Chief Brand Officer, former Women's Champion and Mrs. Paul Levesque, Stephanie McMahon! 

These days, Steph is a bigger figure in the corporate world of WWE, as opposed to being a regular presence on WWE television, but she has spent almost half of her life being a major character who has worked with just about everyone. 

She's been in some unforgettable storylines and had her fair share of brilliant matches, too. 


To celebrate her birthday, let's look back at some of her best moments, from fighting with her family to her various romances and much more. 

Stephanie's not always been the most popular figure among some segments of the WWE fanbase, but when you look at her life in front of WWE cameras, you have to admit she's provided ample entertainment throughout the years. 

10. The Dark Wedding

The dark wedding 1999

Stephanie first got involved in WWE storylines in the spring of 1999. 

At the time, her father was feuding with The Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness, and Steph was simply a fresh-faced, innocent victim of The Phenom's. 

She was drawn into the dispute, getting kidnapped by 'Taker at Backlash and then being held for ransom, as The Deadman demanded control of WWE for her release. 

Daddy dearest acquiesced and agreed to hand over the company to 'Taker on the April 26 episode of Raw, but the Ministry leader never showed up and instead he and his minions brought out Stephanie - on a giant 'symbol' that definitely didn't resemble a cross - so they could have an 'unholy wedding'. 

Paul Bearer presided over the ceremony, while Stephanie looked petrified and The Undertaker said 'I do' in the most sinister way possible. 

Ken Shamrock and Big Show tried to intervene, but were swiftly dealt with, before Steve Austin finally showed up to stomp a few mudholes, clear the ring and get Stephanie out of harm's way. 

There was a great moment at the end, as a freed Stephanie hugged Stone Cold, who refused to reciprocate and looked greatly uncomfortable at the unwanted human contact. 

A hell of a moment for young Stephanie and one of the few highlights of a positively barmy storyline. 

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