10 Most Shocking Heel Turns In WWE

Celebrate this Fourth of July by stabbing a friend in the back.

9. The World's Strongest Ruse

Mark henry fake retirement

In the spring of 2013 it looked as if Mark Henry was on the cusp of possibly calling it a day as far as wrestling was concerned. 

He was losing matches and putting people over, while taking more time off to recover from injuries. He had also teased that he may be getting ready to hang them up via social media. 

The World's Strongest Man returned to television on the June 17 episode of Raw, interrupting WWE Champion John Cena to deliver what appeared to be an emotional, out-of-character retirement address. 

Henry left his wrestling boots on the ramp and talked about his career, including his various struggles, crying while doing so. 

Cena even passed him the WWE Title belt and stepped aside so that the former World Heavyweight Champion could pose with it, soaking up the adulation of the crowd. 

He then wrapped up by thanking his family and telling them he was 'coming home'. 

As Cena went in for the big embrace, however, Henry dropped the microphone and in the same motion scooped Cena up for the World's Strongest Slam. The crowd couldn't believe it. They'd been had. 

An absolutely sensational piece of business, Henry, Cena and WWE got absolutely everyone with the swerve. 

Though he hadn't technically turned babyface in the first place, the fake retirement speech made Henry beloved at least for the duration of it, so it still felt like a monumental heel turn, even if it really wasn't. 

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