10 Most Shocking WWE Survivor Series Moments

Yes, 1997 is in here...

8. Betraying The Next Big Thing - 2002

Big show brock lesnar survivor series 2002

When Brock Lesnar was booked to defend the WWE Title against Big Show at Survivor Series, it seemed like an arbitrary defense for the rampant Next Big Thing. 

After all, Lesnar was undefeated and had already steamrolled through the likes of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and The Undertaker in his first six months on the main roster. 

Show, meanwhile, had been mired in the midcard, only recently moved to SmackDown and barely built up as a challenger to the Next Big Thing. 

Amazingly, WWE booked the World's Largest Athlete to hand Brock his first televised pinfall loss at Survivor Series 2002, though that wasn't the most shocking thing about the match. 

It wasn't so much result, as the manner of it, that got people talking. 

The two had a short, dynamic bout (necessarily so since Lesnar was working with a painful rib injury) and Brock seemed to have things sewn up. 

As the referee was counting what was surely the three, though, Lesnar's agent Paul Heyman pulled the official out of the ring and struck him, turning on his charge and allowing Show to recover and get the job done. 

The Madison Square Garden crowd were stunned. 

Heyman was now aligned with Big Show - and would soon be paired up with Kurt Angle, too - while Brock was established as the top babyface on the blue brand and had something to chase. 

A great bit of business, but one that few likely saw coming. 

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