10 Overlooked WWE Ladder Matches


9. Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri Vs. Team Angle - Judgment Day 2003

Shelton benjamin tajiri ladder judgment day 2003

Originally, Judgment Day 2003 was set to see Los Guerreros challenge Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) for the WWE Tag Team Titles, but Chavo Guerrero suffered a biceps injury while wrestling a dark match at a SmackDown taping just days before the show. 

With Chavito out, WWE drafted in Tajiri as his replacement. 

Though thrown together at the last minute, the Japanese Buzzsaw and Latino Heat were an exciting prospect on paper and took to the task at hand well, putting on a thrilling match with Team Angle. 

Haas and Benjamin had only been on the main roster for less than six months at this point and certainly didn't have any experience in ladder matches, so it was up to the veteran Eddie to piece things together and keep it on track. 

There were a couple of ropey moments where the amateur standouts were, perhaps, a little timid or unsure in their approach, but the match was never anything less than exciting and featured several innovative spots.

All four men put their bodies on the line and took some ugly bumps for the cause, right up until the finish that saw Tajiri use the green mist to knock Shelton off the ladder and allow Eddie to snatch the straps. 

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