10 Overlooked WWE NXT: TakeOver Classics

Get hyped for Stand & Deliver with these gems.

8. Bayley Vs. Nia Jax - NXT TakeOver: London

Bayley nia jax nxt takeover london

Sometimes the best stories in wrestling are the simplest ones. 

Good versus evil. Right versus wrong. Big versus little. 

Bayley's defense of the NXT Women's Title at TakeOver: London in December 2015 was brilliant because of its simplicity. 

It was the plucky babyface against the towering heel, as Bayley needed to use her speed and skill to counteract Nia's power and strength. 

Everytime the hugger was able to gain some sort of momentum, she was swatted down and levelled with a big power move like a Samoan drop or a leg drop (or three). 

It was the old Sting versus Vader formula, albeit with a modern twist and, like the Stinger, Bayley never gave up and kept firing back and picking her spots whenever she saw an opening. 

Her strategy of doggedly going for a guillotine choke paid off as she was finally able to lock it on properly, forcing her far larger opponent to finally tap after a surprisingly great match. 

Nia Jax gets her fair bit of stick (some of it rightfully so), but performances like this prove how effective she can be when positioned in the right way and with a complimentary opponent. 

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