10 Strangest WWE Gimmicks Of The 1990s

Were the WWE creative team ever subject to random drug tests? Asking for a friend...

9. Repo Man

Repo man

Barry Darsow's WWE trajectory was the opposite of Glenn Jacob's, as he went from a popular and very over gimmick (Demolition Smash) to...


Repo Man. 

Now this may have been lost in translation for myself and other fans based outside of the United States, because we don't really have repo men. At least not repo men who wear duster jackets and Zorro masks and carry tow ropes around, anyway.

The sneaky grappler's whole schtick was that he took great joy in taking away things from folks who couldn't afford to pay for them and it was actually Darsow's own idea, since he had previously worked repossessing cars. 

Repo Man had moderate success, memorably coming back into the 1992 Royal Rumble match despite being eliminated and having a couple of alright feuds with British Bulldog and Randy Savage. 

The latter rivalry centred around Repo Man knicking The Macho Man's hat, which isn't exactly up there with Jake Roberts feeding him to his cobra as far as dynamic angles go. 

A product of its kid-friendly time, Repo Man stuck around for a lot longer than most probably thought it would and still sticks out as one of the odder gimmicks of the era. 

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