10 Things You Didn't Know About AEW's Jon Moxley

"Mox and Young were officially married in their backyard at one in the morning..."

Jon Moxley has come a long way in not just his wrestling career, but also his life. To see the real-life Jonathan Good standing tall at the end of the 2016 WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view, FINALLY holding the WWE Championship aloft - not to mention the successes he has enjoyed in All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling since parting ways with Vince McMahon et al back at the start of 2019 - was to see more than a decade's worth of dedication and toil pay off for a man who had to scratch and claw for everything he ever earned. 

Though Moxley is famously averse to social media, choosing not to put his entire life on display for the world, we've learned a few fascinating things about the steely-eyed roughhouse, from his background to the particulars of his wrestling career. 

This list is all about the once psychotic third of the Shield trio-turned AEW World Champion. What a journey he has been on over the past 34-and-a-half years! 

10. The Struggle To Survive

Jon moxley dean ambrose

Many success stories in the fields of sports and entertainment have been written about individuals that came from tattered and humble beginnings, and Moxley is far from an exception. Growing up in a very rough section of Cincinnati's east side, Jon and his sister had to learn self-reliance, with a father largely out of the picture, and a mother that had to work long late-night shifts in order to provide for the family.

By Mox's own admission, his environment was a very negative one. He claims that there times when he had to resort to selling drugs on behalf of others, just so he wouldn't catch a beating. Other times, he would be bullied by the other dwellers of the neighbourhood. Moxley says he had to fight back in order to earn respect, not that it meant anything to him long term. He wanted out of the hellish living conditions and vowed to escape into a better life.

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