10 Things You May Not Know About The WWE Elimination Chamber

Eliminate your curiosity with tales of devastating injuries, backstage politics and other good stuff...

9. Triple H Suffered Potentially Life-Threatening Injury In First Chamber Match

Triple h rob van dam survivor series 2002 elimination chamber

As one of the first men entered into the original Elimination Chamber match (alongside Rob Van Dam), Triple H knew he had a long night ahead of him. 

Not only was he the first in, he was booked to go the distance and last until the very end, too. 

His task got a lot harder when, midway through the contest, RVD nailed him with a Five-Star Frog Splash from the top of one of the holding pods. 

Obviously, Van Dam had never executed the move off the pod before (and it's not like they practiced the spot earlier in the day). He couldn't even fully stand up on it without bumping his head off the roof of the Chamber, and it was clear that this was one of those ideas that was going to be better in theory than in actuality. 

Regrettably, The Cerebral Assassin was positioned a little bit too close and when Mr. Monday Night dropped down he straightened his legs and caught his opponent in the throat. 

The upshot was Triple H suffered a torn larynx and couldn't speak - and could barely breathe - for the rest of the match. 

True to form he gutted it out and dropped the title to Shawn Michaels as planned, but he spent the next 24 hours in hospital, where doctors actually cut his throat slightly open in order to reduce the swelling. 

The Game was informed by EMTs after the show that, had he fallen asleep at any point, the injury could have been fatal. 

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