10 Times The Wrong Person Won At WWE WrestleMania

WHHHo booked this nonsense?

WrestleMania can be a spectacular show full of great matches and memorable moments but, if a key result inexplicably goes the 'wrong' way, the focus of that show then shifts to how WWE dropped the ball, how they should have done it 'right' and so on and so forth. 

The simplistic notion of 'wins and losses don't matter' definitely does not apply to the Showcase of the Immortals. 

A big loss on the big stage, with more eyes watching than at any other point of the year, can seriously hamper a wrestler's career and even taint their legacy. 

WWE has been guilty of putting someone over at the expense of someone else that fans want and/or a performer that simply needs or could benefit from getting their hand raised more than the other person. 

Sometimes it's glaringly obvious in the moment, other times it looks misjudged only with the benefit of hindsight. Often, the more you think about it the worse it gets. 

It's certainly a more modern phenomenon and something which tends to affect the very big matches, like title bouts or main events, more than those that are mired in the mid-card. 

Placing these results in context and looking at the before, during and after, these are ten of the more glaring examples of the wrong person winning at the Granddaddy of Them All. 

10. Triple H (Vs. Brock Lesnar) - WrestleMania 29

Triple h brock lesnar wrestlemania 29 kimura

Considering just how protected Brock Lesnar would be after his first year back, it's simply incredible how willing WWE were to beat him in matches upon his return. 

He famously lost to John Cena in his first WWE bout for eight years when he fell to Big Match John in an Extreme Rules match at, erm, Extreme Rules 2012. 

Lesnar managed to get past Triple H in the No Disqualification main event of SummerSlam a few months later, but guess who needed his win back? 

Yes, The Game got even with The Beast Incarnate at WrestleMania 29 in a No Holds Barred match where Triple H's career was on the line. Ah yes, that part-time, mostly a non-wrestler executive career of his. 

Since Trips was very much a 'special occasions' performer and WWE had plans to push Brock to the moon after, I really don't see any sense in the result here. Honestly, Brock should have won and retired the Cerebral Assassin since, you know, this is wrestling (and specifically WWE) and stipulations can and will be reneged upon later if need be.  

Or, you know, just don't add the career-ending caveat to the presentation. Either way. 

Lesnar beat Triple H inside a cage at the next pay-per-view anyway, winning the feud 2-1, but that happened at Extreme Rules, a secondary pay-per-view and not the biggest show of the year. I reckon more people saw The Next Big Thing staring at the ceiling at 'Mania. 

Following that, Triple H messed around with Curtis Axel for a bit before doing the whole Authority/Daniel Bryan thing, whereas Brock began his unstoppable run that saw him beat CM Punk, Big Show, The Undertaker and John Cena (for the WWE Title) at consecutive pay-per-views. 

Making things worse, the Brock/HHH WrestleMania match was weak sauce, too. 

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