10 Times WWE Superstars Were Legitimately Knocked Out

Please, do not try this at home...

9. Surface To Air

Shane mcmahon roman reigns spear

Timing is everything, whether you're looking for a job, breaking news to somebody, or executing an elaborate pro wrestling stunt. Take Shane McMahon at the 2016 Survivor Series, and the move that was to have facilitated his elimination from the five-on-five men's match. McMahon was to have performed his coast to coast dropkick on Roman Reigns, only to be speared out of the air by a rejuvenated "Big Dog".

McMahon did indeed take a hearty spear from Reigns, though to say the timing could've been a wee bit better is an understatement. Either McMahon propelled too early, or Reigns a hair too late, because the collision was less than ideal. Reigns caught Shane far too high, and The Best in the World was left staring wall-eyed into the void after the landing. McMahon's equilibrium was so off-kilter that he didn't have the wherewithal to stay down for the pin, wriggling out of the fall almost subconsciously. The referee quickly X'ed him out of the match, rather than have Reigns force the foggy Boy Wonder to stay down for the pin.

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