10 Underrated Kurt Angle WWE Classic Matches

There were a few to choose from, that's for sure...

9. Vs. Edge - Steel Cage Match, Smackdown (May 30, 2002)

Edge kurt angle survivor series 2004

One of the immediate highlights following the 2002 WWE draft split was the rivalry between Edge and Kurt Angle. 

Edge had been floundering after his split from Christian and dud of an Intercontinental Title run and needed a hot programme to bounce back. Putting him with wrestling machine Kurt Angle was a masterstroke, as it allowed Edge to step up his game and show the world what he was truly capable of as a singles star. 

The pair had blinding matches at Backlash and Judgment Day (the latter of which was Hair versus Hair rules and ended up with Kurt getting the Kojak treatment). Both of those matches are rightly heralded.  

The match that for all intents and purposes ended the feud, however, was another stunner and doesn't quite get the love that it should. The freshly-bald Angle took on the Canadian in the Cage Match main event of the May 30, 2002 edition of SmackDown. 

This was markedly different from their other outings and they used their surroundings well, as the steel came into play time and time again. There were also the requisite big moves, false finishes and finisher reversals that had come to define their matches together. 

The match had a lot of heat, too, as it was in Canada and so the Canuck was the firm favourite. They reacted well to Edge's win, which came when he nailed a charging Angle with a diving top-rope Spear (though it looked more like a shoulderblock in execution). 

Could have done without the post-match Hogan scene-stealing, of course, but as a match this is top-notch and a fitting end to a great series.  

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