10 Underrated WWE Pay-Per-Views That Deserve A Rewatch

Shove these great shows up your Peacock!

9. Backlash 1999

The rock steve austin backlash 1999

While WrestleMania XV was a bit of a mess, WWE got it right with the next month's Backlash (which was originally billed as being Backlash: In Your House). 

It was nice, first of all, to see Jim Ross return to a pay-per-view broadcast proper, having been enlisted to call the action in Rock/Austin 'Mania event while while still recovering from a bout of Bell's Palsy. 

First on the agenda was The Brood taking on the Acolytes & Mideon, which came about after the would-be vampires were kicked out of the Ministry of Darkness. It was a good match (if a little long for what it needed to be) and set the tone. 

The Hardcore Title match between Al Snow and Hardcore Holly was also, perhaps, a little on the long side but at least it was inventive and rarely dull, featuring some nasty bumps and weapon shots before the Snowman beat the Alabama Slammer for the belt. 

The Godfather versus Goldust for the Intercontinental Title was short and inoffensive and over with the crowd, even if it wasn't exactly a high point for the once-prestigious championship. 

The Tag Team Title number one contender's match between the New Age Outlaws and Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart was tag team formula fun to a tee. 

The Big Show and Mankind then had a belter of a Boiler Room Brawl. The one between Foley and The Undertaker gets more praise, but this one was more concise, equally as brutal and really should get more love. 

DX imploded when budding headliner Triple H downed X-Pac in a good, long match before The Undertaker saw off Ken Shamrock in an intriguing styles clash that, while disjointed, had its moments. 

Saving the best for last, Steve Austin retained his WWE Title over The Rock in their usual great match, featuring all the overbooking and Sports Entertainment absurdity that helped define the Attitude Era. 

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