10 WCW Wrestlers You Don't Remember

A British wrestling legend and more

9. Reno

Reno wcw

A former amateur wrestler and professional kickboxer, Richard Cornell was one of the many hopefuls who got their pro-wrestling training at the infamous WCW Power Plant in the late 90's. 

It made sense, then, for him to join up with a bunch of his fellow Power Plant graduates in the Natural Born Thrillers stable.

The man with the queue ponytail took a bit of a backseat to hot prospects like Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak, but he did find success in the company's hardcore division, holding the title for a month between October and November 2000. 

While Reno had a unique look and received a little bit of a push, he just didn't yet have the tools to pull it all off. Outside of his Roll the Dice finisher, his wrestling style was basic and unpolished. It also didn't help his cause that WCW was a creative wasteland around this time and that people were tuning out in droves. 

WWE felt like the he had some potential and bought his contract out when they acquired WCW, but he never made it past developmental, was released and left the business soon after. 

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