10 WCW Wrestlers You Don't Remember

A British wrestling legend and more

8. Lash LeRoux

Corporal cajun lash leroux wcw

Lash LeRoux! With such excellent use of alliteration, who could you forget him?

LeRoux was another product of the Power Plant, paying his dues in the training facility before being called to the main roster and paying more dues as a designated jobber. 

He was soon promoted to the cruiserweight division, but that was a crowded field and he didn't exactly stand out amongst the Kidmans and Mysterios of the world. 

His most prominent role was as a member of the Misfits in Action group, which saw him re-christened as Corporal Cajun. Once again, though, this was latter-day WCW and the company was a mess, so it was hard for anyone to really care about what was going on. 

As a member of MIA he won the WCW Tag Team Titles with Chavo 'Lieutenant Loco' Guerrero. For less than a day, of course, because WCW. 

LeRoux was signed to a WWE developmental deal following the sale of WCW, but it didn't work out. He then bounced around from here to there before retiring in 2006. 

A talented performer who was unfortunately in the wrong place (WCW) at the wrong time, LeRoux now works as a cartoonist and pastor.

Cartoonist and pastor, erm what's the difference, am I right?

Satire. That is satire. 

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