10 WCW Wrestlers You Don't Remember

A British wrestling legend and more

7. 'Hardwork' Bobby Walker

Hardwork bobby walker

'Hardwork' Bobby Walker was around in WCW for the best part of a decade and, in that time, managed to do almost nothing memorable.

Some nasty injuries didn't help, but the truth is that WCW didn't position Walker - who had worked for Japan's FMW, did some enhancement matches for WWE and trained at the Power Plant - as anything more than a jobber-to-the-stars. 

His best year was probably 1996, as he wrestled his most amount of yearly matches (25) and got televised victories over the likes of Billy Kidman, Mr. JL and Brad Armstrong. 

WCW even gave him Teddy Long to act as his mouthpiece, but he didn't exactly receive a big push on the back of it.

Walker was charismatic and athletic but never given a storyline or anything substantial to work with. In the end, he was just one of many on a bloated WCW roster at the time. 

Post-WCW, however, he caused lots of headaches for them (and later WWE, who inherited some of WCW's legal mess) when he - along with others including Sony Onoo - filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the company. 

Walker (and the others) received a payout when the lawsuit was settled, and he now works as a portrait illustrator in Atlanta. 

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