10 Worst WWE Matches Of 2023

The worst matches from WWE in 2023

9. Gunther vs. Matt Riddle - Money in the Bank

Gunther matt riddle money in the bank 2023 stand off

British wrestling fans had it pretty good in 2023. AEW had All In at Wembley, TNA had Turning Point in Newcastle upon Tyne - featuring our very own Tom Campbell as ring announcer - and, for the WWE diehards, there was Money in the Bank. 

As well as the two ladder matches and a mouth-watering Bloodline Civil War main event, this show was also home to a match that would have sold out any independent wrestling event in the country circa 2018. 

Gunther was putting his Intercontinental Championship on the line against Matt Riddle, the first ever one-on-one encounter between these two talented performers in WWE. However, whether it was jetlag, overhyped expectations, or just both men having an off day, the bout under-delivered. 

It was perfectly serviceable, but considering the stock of the men involved - plus the fact that they both cut their teeth partly in the UK - that simply wasn’t good enough.

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