10 Worst WWE Storyline Payoffs

They went in what direction?!

9. Debuting Without A Bang

Ddp stalker wwe debut

One of the reasons the Invasion storyline (more on that in a bit) was such a letdown is because most of the top stars had guaranteed contracts with WCW parent company Time Warner, meaning they could afford to sit out and collect a boatload of cash for doing absolutely nothing. 

Some, like Diamond Dallas Page, accepted a buyout in order to join WWE. Given how his WWE run turned out, I'm sure he wishes he hadn't bothered. 

For weeks, Undertaker's then-wife had been stalked by some unseen presence who filmed her and aired the footage on WWE television. Naturally, this sent The American Badass apoplectic and he vowed to find the stalker and make them pay. 

It was an intriguing premise in theory and an example of WWE attempting to do something more gritty and based in 'reality'. 

In the end, the stalker was revealed to be none other than DDP. The reveal was very well done and the unmasking resulted in a huge reaction from the live audience. 

Of course, when you sat and thought about it for a minute, the whole thing seemed a little bit off.

After all, this was a huge departure for the already established Page and, as he has rightly pointed out in recent years, the idea of him pining over someone else's missus was a bit daft when he had former head Nitro Girl Kimberly waiting for him at home. 

Things went from bad to worse for Dallas, as he was routinely pummelled during his and 'Taker's ridiculously one-sided feud, which ended when Sara herself beat the former WCW Heavyweight Champion in a singles match on Raw. 

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