10 Wrestling Matches That Turned Into Real Shoots

Sometimes the fists start flying for real...

9. John Tenta Vs. Koji Kiato - SWS Wrestle Dream In Kobe

Earthquake koji kitao

Japanese badboy Koji Kitao and the man better known as WWE's Earthquake got into a scrap during a match at SWS's Wrestle Dream in Kobe World Hall on April Fool's Day 1991. 

The pair of former sumo wrestlers had worked against one another two nights earlier on a co-promoted Tokyo Dome event between WWE and Super World of Sports, supposedly without incident. 

It was obvious from the off that the two were not cooperating, with Tenta using his massive frame to immobilise his opponent, grabbing a waistlock before taking him to the mat. 

Kitao didn't take too kindly for this, rolling outside for a breather before attempting to hurl a chair into the ring. 

They attempted to do a test of strength spot but, when Kitao tried to slap on an arm lock, Tenta swatted him away like a grizzly bear. The referee tried to get things back on track, but neither man was having any of it. 

Kitao then intimated that he was going to take Tenta's eyes out and things completely broke down. 

Koji - who had caused issues in both the sumo and wrestling worlds before due to his behaviour and penchant for tantrums - then lashed out and kicked the referee, causing the disqualification. 

Not content with simply ruining the match, Kitao then grabbed the microphone and told the crowd that wrestling was fake and that he refused to lose to Tenta as scripted, suggesting that if it were a real fight there would only be one winner (before he was escorted away and subsequently left the business for a while).  

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