10 WWE Performance Center Success Stories

The WWE PC opened eight years ago.

9. Liv Morgan

Liv morgan wwe return

Gionna Daddio (a great wrestling name in and of itself) was a longtime fan of the business, a tomboy growing up who used to do backyard wrestling before becoming a competitive cheerleader and spending some time modelling. 

She was discovered at DeFranco's Gym in New Jerysey (the same one Enzo Amore used to populate) and began training at the PC in October 2014. 

Daddio spent a couple of years learning the ropes in NXT, doing a little bit of everything, before (as Liv Morgan) she was called up to the main roster as a member of the heelish Riott Squad group, alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. 

After an inconsistent year-and-a-half in the Riott Squad, Liv was drafted to SmackDown, only to be drafted back to Raw six months later, with some saucy vignettes hyping her re-arrival. 

She certainly made waves when she crashed the wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana on the final Raw of 2019, and showed her versatility in the ensuing storyline (also featuring Rusev). 

Since then it's been a bit topsy-turvy for Liv on the main roster, but she's now giving it a go as a singles star on SmackDown. She has every chance of becoming a major star, if given the opportunity. 

Importantly, she's noticeably improving month by month and, still on the right side of 30 and with a marketable look and superstar presence, she should be a fixture for some time to come. 

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