10 WWE Storylines That Ended Too Soon

Everything from Sean O'Haire to Shawn Michaels' heel turn

9. The Devil’s Advocate

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Sean O'Haire really had just about everything you could want in a WWE superstar. 

He was big, jacked and athletic and, with the Devil's Advocate character, had a winner of a gimmick, too. The gimmick was introduced via a series of intriguing vignettes where O'Haire encouraged viewers to break the law, cheat on their spouse and skip church, among other hedonistic instructions. 

Those vignettes spilled over onto SmackDown, as The Devil's Advocate used his powers of persuasion to convince Spanky to streak through the arena and Dawn Marie to flash the crowd. His scheming could have gone way beyond getting his co-workers to bear flesh, but the storyline was hastily dropped.  

Turns out those effective vignettes were expertly edited and helped mask O’Haire’s flaws on the microphone and, when his shortcomings were exposed at non-televised live events, WWE changed direction and got Roddy Piper in to do his talking for him. 

The Devil’s Advocate presented an untold number of possibilities as far as angles and feuds but, alas, it wasn't to be. 

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