5 Best AEW Matches Of 2020 So Far

What's been the most "elite" match of 2020 so far in your book?

3. MJF Vs. Jungle Boy (Double Or Nothing)

Mjf jungle boy double or nothing

On a night with more than its fair share of insanity and absurdity, a textbook match between a classic underdog babyface and a God-tier villain shone brightly. The year 2020 has seen lots in the way of wrestling gone berserk, but the old school can clearly still thrill.

Sure, there was a gnarly Apron Poisonrana at one juncture that looked like it flattened MJF's scalp, but otherwise, you had two consummate pros (both under the age of 25) delivering a pure wrestling match that would've been a treat in any era.

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5 Best WWE Matches Of 2020 So Far

Justin Henry

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