5 Best Championship Tournament Finals In WWE History

How will AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan in the finals of SmackDown's Intercontinental Championship Tournament rank among these stellar bouts?

4. TJP Vs. Gran Metalik (WWE Cruiserweight Title, Cruiserweight Classic)

Tjp metalik

Both men had their work cut out for them, having wrestled Kota Ibushi and Zack Sabre Jr, respectively, only a short while earlier. There was plenty left in the tank for each, however, as they worked a scintillating 18-minute match worthy of the belt.

TJP worked over the knee of Metalik more and more as the match progressed, an offensive and defensive approach alike, as he eventually grounded the dynamic Metalik enough to apply a handful of kneebars, before submitting him to a reverse figure four.

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