5 Best Wrestler-Celebrity Physical Altercations In Pro Wrestling History

Tyson & Jericho on last week's AEW: Dynamite just the latest in a long line of memorable brawls...

4. Floyd Mayweather Slugs The Big Show

Big show mayweather

The Mayweather-Show match at WrestleMania 24 received mixed reviews, with some praising it as one of the better celebrity matches in history, and others finding it to be as lukewarm as the build itself. But man, did that saga begin on a rousing note or what?

After a year away from WWE, Show returned to the company at the 2008 No Way Out, and ended up in a confrontation with unbeaten pugilist Mayweather, who was in attendance. Show stooped down to allow Mayweather his best shot, and paid for it when Floyd's punches drew blood.

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