5 Best Wrestler-Celebrity Physical Altercations In Pro Wrestling History

Tyson & Jericho on last week's AEW: Dynamite just the latest in a long line of memorable brawls...

3. Jerry Lawler, Andy Kaufman Continue Their War

Lawler kaufman

There may have been better celebrity *matches*, but few rivalries will ever equal the multi-fold genius of the King of Memphis' grudge with noted eccentric Kaufman. In 1982, viewers of NBC's Late Night With David Letterman got a taste of their pair's amazing chemistry.

On the show, Kaufman accused Lawler of being reckless, and Lawler fired back that Kaufman was milking his neck injury. Words were exchanged, leading to Lawler smacking Kaufman out of his chair. After commercial, an irate Kaufman threw Letterman's coffee at The King, before security dragged him out of the studio.

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