5 Biggest Headlines From WWE Clash Of Champions 2020

Featuring the debut of Medical Chair...

3. Sami Zayn Becomes Undisputed IC Champion After Ladder Match Win

Given the participants and match type, it's no surprise that we were treated to some very daring stunts (like the one where Jeff Hardy was sent to the floor while still trapped awkwardly in the ladder). It's amazing, though, when you remember that two of the entrants are well into their forties.

Sami Zayn then demonstrated just how genius he is by using handcuffs in a ladder match (how has nobody thought of this til now?). It nearly backfired, but thankfully, he was smart enough to have the key in his mouth. That springtime IC title vacancy has officially been undone.

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WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 Live Results

WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 Results

Justin Henry

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