5 Most Shocking WWE WrestleMania Endings

Expect the unexpected, they say...

3. The Bad Guy Wins (WrestleMania 2000)

Hhh rock 2000

The first 15 WrestleManias ended the same way - some good guy standing tall, usually while holding the WWF championship overhead, following a titanic victory. When one previous 'Mania threatened to end with a victorious and exultant heel, a little "deus ex machina" came into play to fix that.

So when WrestleMania 2000 signed off Triple H still holding the world title, pinning The Rock after Vince McMahon got involved, it simply did not compute.

Even The Rock getting his revenge by laying out all of the villainous McMahons didn't fix the gallingness of seeing a heel win the final WrestleMania match for the first time.

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Written by Justin Henry

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