5 Most Unsuccessful Superstars In WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match History

Across the 24 different Money in the Bank ladder matches held over the last 15 years, 22 different winners have emerged. That makes for 56 wrestlers who've never known the glory of winning the special briefcase...

3 (Tied). Chris Jericho (0-5)

Chris jericho

"Le Champion" has been unlucky in Money in the Bank matches, which is a little ironic, considering how he's one of the inventors of the match. In 2005, without a concrete spot on the WrestleMania card, Jericho worked with writer Brian Gewirtz to create the concept.

Gewirtz originally had an idea for a "Hollywood Dream Ladder Match" where the winner got whatever they wanted. Vince McMahon baulked at that vague prize, so Jericho suggested a World title shot, which led to the briefcase and "valid for a year" stip and...well, there you go.

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