5 Must-See Post-WWE Shoot Interviews

Negative insight into an ex-employer can be fun...

These days, it's as inevitable as sunrise - a talent leaves WWE (under perhaps unpleasant circumstances), and before long, they tell all in a subsequent shoot interview, causing the internet wrestling scene to light up like a Christmas tree. The proliferation of podcasts has made it easier for disgruntled wrestlers to air their grievances the minute their contractual tether with WWE gets severed, and there's a sizable market that awaits their unfiltered stories.

Some subjects can be highly diplomatic in their approach to the interview, not wanting to burn a bridge with WWE, in case their other career prospects run dry one day. But others, they're more than happy to go all scorched earth on the Federation, with some making rather damning claims about their behind-the-scenes experiences. Tales that could fill out a compelling book are instead rattled off in an easy-to-reach podcast on your iPhone. The times we live in.

When it comes to opening up about the less-than-flattering side of WWE, these five shoot interviews have proven to be highly memorable.

5. Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson (2020)

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The Good Brothers made for good copy when the pair spilled their guts on their Talk'N Shop program. Once their WWE non-competes expired, the two were free to air their issues about the promotion that released them just 11 days after their Boneyard Match appearance.

In the two-hour chat, topics included the much-discussed Crown Jewel 2019 layover, and spurning AEW after WWE offered them five-year deals (which they were released less than a year into). The most venom was reserved for Paul Heyman and his apparent problem with honesty.

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