5 Strangest Locations For WWE PPV Matches

When an arena and a ring won't suffice...

Even the pessimists are at least curious as to what the 2020 Money in the Bank ladder matches are going to look like. When you're incorporating potentially the entirety of WWE Headquarters as a battleground, the possibilities are endless. In the race to the top of the building, we could see fax machines swung like chairs, Moonsaults off of filing cabinets, chain wrestling inside an elevator, you name it. Creative license and a spark of madness do well to increase one's curiosity.

Though present global circumstances have forced WWE into thinking outside the box in this manner, this won't be the first time that a WWE pay-per-view match takes place outside the confines of a traditional arena and thousands of spectators. Through the years, different gimmick matches have called for unique locales. Some of them were terrible (and you can probably think of one shining example), but they were at least different, a special kind of pro-graps palette cleanser.

Let's stroll down memory lane for a bit, and look at a few of those times when WWE thought to stage their pay-per-view fights away from an arena.

5. A Hollywood Backlot

Piper goldust wrestlemania 12

Originally, the match was meant to have taken place somewhere else: the streets of Miami, when Goldust was originally slotted to work with Razor Ramon at WrestleMania 12. Following a Ramon suspension, Roddy Piper replaced "The Bad Guy," and the brawl was moved.

Though the fight did end up culminating at Anaheim's Arrowhead Pond, Piper and Goldust originally slugged it out in a narrow alleyway behind a soundstage, made even more cramped by Goldust's Cadillac. Baseball bats were swung, and Goldust tried to run Piper over.

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