5 Times WWE Cleaned House & Gutted Their Roster

The untimely releases and furloughs of this week isn't the first time WWE has been down this road...

4. November 2004

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By this time, Ohio Valley Wrestling had been funnelling more and more "graduates" to WWE's main roster for more than two years, and, coupled with the apparent need to sign a number of Diva Search runner-ups, the two brands were getting a little bloated.

Two weeks before Survivor Series, WWE remedied the glut by releasing a dozen performers, including veterans like Billy Gunn, Test, A-Train, and Chuck Palumbo. Others like Rodney Mack, Rico, and Johnny Stamboli were among the departing, as was Lamont, the former butler of Ernest Miller.

On the women's side, the influx of Diva Search contestants meant two Tough Enough winners were axed: Nidia and Shaniqua (Linda Miles). Former Women's champions Jazz and Gail Kim were also released.

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