5 Wrestling Movies That Deserve A Sequel

Who doesn't love a good wrestling movie?

It hasn't been easy to do the pro wrestling experience justice on the big screen. Judging by the catalogue of grap-centric cuts that have made it onto film throughout the decades, there aren't too many diamonds among that rough. And the failures, they're enough to induce shudders. Ready to Rumble comes to mind, especially since Liv Morgan and David Arquette were playfully discussing a sequel to it on Twitter recently. Not sure it'd be worth dragging Jimmy King off his throne for such an endeavour.

But it got me to thinking (in my own morbid way): "*Are* there any wrestling movies worthy of a sequel?" How about a re-imagining? Professional wrestling has so rarely been done well in movies, that most of the existing filmography (with a few obvious exceptions) are either broad comedies loaded with slide whistle humour (the aforementioned Ready to Rumble) or benign, harmless kids fare (such as the recent WWE-backed Main Event release).

For a little challenge, let's see which wrestling films of yore we could add on to with an additional release.

5. The Wrestler (2008)

The wrestler

The most superior of all wrestling flicks, the ending is *just* ambiguous enough (maybe Randy the Ram *didn't* die in the ring?) to merit bringing Mickey Rourke's portrayal of an ageing, memory-clinging heavyweight back for one more round.

If once-troubled greats like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall provided some of the template for Randy Robinson Act I, a sequel could follow their modern trajectory: the struggle to clean up, and a second act as a reformed legend, perhaps now mentoring a young squared circle hopeful.

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