Adam Cole Confirms He Learned About Tyler Breeze's WWE Release During Live Twitch Stream

Adam Cole left WWE himself last month

Adam Cole has confirmed that he was told about Tyler Breeze's release from WWE via message during a live stream on his Twitch.

A clip of Cole streaming Hollow Knight was shared on social media in the aftermath of Breeze's release from WWE at the end of June, which showed the then-NXT wrestler looking down at his phone and staring at the screen for almost a minute, before returning to his live play-through.

Fans have theorised that it was in that moment Cole learned about Breeze - who he had grown close with through DaParty - being released from WWE, something the now AEW wrestler has confirmed as true.

Speaking on Into the Danger Zone with Chris Denker, Cole explained: "The other thing though, too and I did kind of briefly want to touch on this because I've never talked about this ever. There was a video that surfaced on Reddit and on YouTube while I'm playing Hollow Knight and it's me on my phone.

"That was very real and the fans were correct, they were right. I had to [no sell it and keep it private]. it was not my business to be the one to say at all, but for people curious, because I know so many people have talked about that video, that was very real. That was exactly what happened and I was very sad and very upset.

"Again, that's life and that's the way that it happened but of course, he's one of my best friends and that was an unfortunate situation so I guess what I'm trying to say is that's the type of connection that I have with those three guys because normally I don't even look at my phone while I'm streaming, I'm so in the zone, but yeah the bond that me, and Breeze, and Swiss all formed through DaParty, through UpUpDownDown, is something that I cherish forever.

"I do stand by I don't think it's the last time that we're ever all going to make content together. I refuse to look at it as ‘goodbye.’ It's the same thing in the video where I said, ‘It's not goodbye, it's just, see you later.’ That's how I look at it.

"The only three people that knew that I was debuting at AEW, the day of, just a few hours before, was DaParty."

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