Adam Cole: No Matter Where I Am, I Always End Up Becoming The Guy

Cole joined AEW in September

Adam Cole has moved to quell fan fears about his booking and position in All Elite Wrestling, saying he always ends up 'becoming the guy' in every promotion he's been in. 

Cole's positioning on the AEW card since his surprise debut in September has led to discourse on social media regarding the former WWE NXT star, specifically whether he would have been better remaining in Vince McMahon's company.

Cole himself has now commented on his situation in AEW.

Speaking to Brandon Walker on Rasslin', Cole said: "The big difference here is looking at AEW as a whole, objectively. The biggest thing AEW does so well is that whether you're in the first match, middle of the card, or main event; AEW does an excellent job of making every person feel special.

"Whether you hold a title or not, a lot of people in the company feel like stars because they are and AEW does a great job of building talent in many different ways.

"For anyone who is concerned, if you just look at kind of where we're going. I'm a member of The Elite, the number one heel faction in AEW. Between the matches that I've had with guys like Jungle Boy and the pay-per-view match we had. I've gone face-to-face with Hangman Adam Page. There are things happening to Adam Cole that I promise people are going to be very satisfied with, very happy with. 

"At the end of the day, whether it's Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, NXT, or AEW...I always end up becoming the guy. This is not going to be any different, I promise you. No one has anything to worry about because I'm Adam Cole Bay Bay."

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