Adam Page Will No Longer Be Accepting Fans' Beers, Taking Other Precautions

Hangman's playing it safe in cautious times...

AEW star Adam "Hangman" Page put out a release on Friday, announcing several changes he will be making to his overall manner of performance, while the world continues to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 issue.

For safety reasons, Page has announced that, "for the time being", he will, " longer be able to accept beer from any fans should they be in attendance of events." Page has also announced that he will be switching exclusively to whiskey, in the hopes that the high volume of alcohol could stave off potential infection.

Page has also said he will be performing less moves and hold that put his face close to that of his opponents.

The current AEW World Tag Team champion has also listed helpful hints for fans, including the thorough washing of hands, avoiding public gatherings, etc. He also added a few tongue-in-cheek suggestions, including proper usage of turn signals while driving, and the purchasing of Corona beer, as a means of offsetting any negative publicity that they've received, due to the the virus' name.

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