Adam Pearce On How His Character Differs From WWE General Managers

“I am a WWE official. I am not a General Manager. There are no General Managers”

Adam Pearce has become one of the unlikely stars of WWE in the past year, making the leap from backstage producer to on-air authority figure.

Scrap Daddy has been a breath of fresh air on WWE television, and the former NWA Champion has spoken to the PWI Podcast about his new role on WWE Raw and SmackDown:

"I think largely the authority figure role in recent years especially, has been that of someone who looks down their nose. They are the establishment. They are the authority. They are the overarching control of everything that doesn’t hesitate to put their foot on the throat of everyone under them.

"I’m really the opposite of that in the sense that I am a WWE official. I am not a General Manager. There are no General Managers. I don’t necessarily have the power that would be as absolute as it has been in the past and perhaps because of that, I’m not as corrupted by that power."

The idea of the WWE GM has been done in various different ways, usually as a vehicle for a heel authority figure, but Pearce’s approach to his role is different from many who came before him:

"I’ve always tried to, given what the marching orders tend to be, play it as straight as I can and to be as impartial as I can. That, in and of itself, is so different from an attitudinal standpoint from what people are used to from this kind of character. That, by definition, is different.

"It doesn’t feel the same because it isn’t. That allows me the latitude to take this wherever it goes organically on its own as opposed to being driven by what might be on paper.”

Luckily, Pearce is relishing being WWE’s on-screen match maker, and has drawn praise from wrestling fans for his neutral approach:

"We’ll see where it goes. It’s interesting. It’s fun and it’s fresh and I hope it continues to feel that way for everybody”

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