AEW: Dynamite Results - April 28, 2021: TNT Title Match, Inner Circle-Pinnacle Parley

The build to Blood & Guts and Double Or Nothing continues

While All Elite Wrestling had nothing massive advertised for this week's edition of Dynamite, the promotion once again supplied a strong two hours of wrestling and kept everything bubbling away as we head towards Blood & Guts and Double Or Nothing. 

This week's show opened up with a shocking result as Brian Cage vanquished "Hangman" Adam Page. The Anxious Millennial Cowboy had been on a roll since Full Gear, but he came unstuck against Cage following a pre-match attack from Team Taz which ended with a Powerbomb on the ramp from The Machine. 

The rest of Team Taz were chased off by Dark Order before the match got underway and Cage continued the beatdown after the bell rang. Hangman eventually managed to mount a comeback after several minutes, but the damage had already been done and Cage reversed a Buckshot Lariat attempt into an F5 and he followed up with a Powerbomb, a Buckle Bomb and the Drill Claw for the victory.

An AEW World Title shot appeared to be in Hangman's future, but Page will seemingly go to war with Team Taz heading into Double Or Nothing. 

Following that shock result, the broadcast cut to The Elite in a limousine. Kenny Omega noted he was feeling freaky, but also a little pissed off because Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston tried to "end their lives" on last week's show. He said they wouldn't be intimidated by Moxley and The Mad King and claimed The Elite weren't scared of them. Everyone in the limousine sh*t their pants when Michael Nakazawa accidentally honked the horn, though. 

After spilling champagne everywhere, Omega continued. He said The Elite will give Kingston and Moxley a "real good fight" but The Mad King has to go through one of their "goons" first - Michael Nakazawa. That match was set up for later in the show. 

Long before that match, though, we had an AEW World Tag Team Title Eliminator match as The Sydal Brothers clashed with The Young Bucks. Both teams battled back and forth during the short match and we almost had the second upset win of the night as Matt Sydal got the closest of near falls on Matt Jackson with a crucifix pin. The Bucks managed to survive, though, and Matt drilled Mike Sydal with a blatant Low Blow while the referee was distracted a few moments later. The Bucks then connected with the BTE Trigger for the victory. 

After the match, SCU headed to the ring and confronted their former friends. Frankie Kazarian reminded the fans that SCU would be finished as a tag team after their next loss but they have been undefeated since December. Christopher Daniels then said he was p*ssed because he was looking forward to wrestling his friends, but the new Young Bucks are just "overdressed, entitled b*tches" and The Fallen Angel stated they would take the tag team titles from the Jackson brothers when The Elite men grow some balls and sign the contract for the match. 

After a Jade Cargill video package, it was time for Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Orange Cassidy as the rivalry between Best Friends and Death Triangle continued. The King Of Sloth Style was massively outmatched against Penta but he dug deep and mounted a comeback down the stretch and connected with a Diving DDT and a huge Tornado DDT for a near fall. Alex Abrahantes then suddenly got on the ramp and started to cut a promo, just like last week, but Orange stopped him in his tracks and dragged him into the ring. 

This allowed Penta to recover and he went for the Package Piledriver, but Orange rolled through and Trent handed him the microphone that Abrahantes dropped. Moments later, Penta found himself out for the count following an Orange Punch with the microphone and The King Of Sloth Style pinned him for the win. 

A backstage interview with Tony Schiavone and Britt Baker was next on the show. The Role Model hugged Tony and celebrated being number one in the women's rankings and said it was time she reminded everyone why she was top of the women's division. 

The parley between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle followed. Shawn Spears started and called out Sammy Guevara, telling him that he would be the guy to step on his head while he's drowning. The Spanish God was having none of it, though, and fired back by telling Spears that he had been a failure in AEW and a failure in WWE and he's going to fail again on May 5. Guevara then announced The Pinnacle would have the advantage in Blood & Guts. 

It was then Cash Wheeler's turn to speak and he called Santana and Ortiz "soft, complacent Jericho lapdogs" and he promised to beat them at Blood & Guts. Dax The Axe then brought Santana and Ortiz's children into the conversation, but Santana said he would let his hands do the talking on May 5.

MJF managed to stop everyone from coming to blows and he turned his attention to Chris Jericho. Friedman initially celebrated Le Champion's achievements, but he claimed The Painmaker is exhausted from all the pressure he is under every week. He then promised The Pinnacle would replace The Inner Circle at the top of AEW and declared Jericho's spot was his. 

Jericho immediately fired back and called MJF a "self-righteous, self-gratifying little pr*ck" and said MJF can't just inherit his spot like the trust fund he received at 18-years-old. He has to earn it by beating them at Blood & Guts, but that's not going to happen because The Inner Circle are blood and guts. The Demo God then stopped Tully Blanchard from ending the segment and said The Pinnacle will have to kill them to make them surrender. And when that doesn't happen, The Inner Circle will wipe the sh*t of their feet which is the only spot MJF deserves.  

Eddie Kingston headed to the ring next for his scheduled match against Michael Nakazawa. The Mad King had no intention of wrestling, though, and he announced he wasn't fighting Nakazawa and called out Omega. The Cleaner arrived a few moments later and Nakazawa attacked Kingston with a laptop while Kenny egged him on. Nak's feeble attack did little to hurt The Mad King, though, and Kingston quickly recovered before he threatened to break Nakazawa's ankle if Omega didn't get in the ring. 

The Belt Collector immediately disregarded his "friend's" wellbeing and called out the next goon, who happened to be Brandon Cutler. The executive producer of content found himself tumbling onto the stage, however, and Jon Moxley hammered Omega from behind and dragged him into the ring. The Maestro Of Mayhem then choked out the AEW World Champion and he and Kingston threatened to break Omega's ankle unless they got a tag team match against Omega and Michael Nakazawa. A terrified Don Callis had no choice but to accept and the match was added to next week's Blood and Guts card. 

After a commercial break, Taz celebrated Brian Cage's victory but he was interrupted by Christian Cage. Captain Charisma said The Human Suplex Machine just leeches off Team Taz and told the former ECW star that he can send his whole faction against him. Eventually, they'll realise they'd be better off without him, though. 

The broadcast then returned to the ring for Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander. Both women fought back and forth during the match and Statlander picked up the win after countering a Handspring into Big Bang Theory. 

Following a video package from 10 hyping up tonight's TNT Title match, The Factory arrived on the Nightmare Express for their six-man tag team bout against The Nightmare Family. The match was QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow vs. Dustin Rhodes, Billy Gunn and Lee Johnson.

The contest did an effective job of showcasing Lee Johnson and Nick Comoroto and The Factory eventually picked up the win. Johnson was on a roll in the closing stages and hit Comoroto and QT Marshall with a Corkscrew Moonsault over the top rope. Anthony Ogogo suddenly decked him with a vicious Uppercut while the official was distracted, though, and QT Marshall rolled into the ring and pinned Johnson for the win.

The animosity between both sides then continued after the bell as Gunn Club started brawling with Solow and Comoroto while QT Marshall hastily retreated to the Nightmare Express. He found more than he bargained for inside, though, as the returning Cody Rhodes decked his former friend and the brawl continued until they reached the top of the bus. Cody then locked in the Figure Four on top of the bus while Marshall tapped out and The American Nightmare stood tall to end the segment. The two former friends will face off next week. 

Ahead of the main event, Kip Sabian went to meet Miro after dodging his calls for weeks. An infuriated Bulgarian Brute beat down his former friend and demanded to know where he had been. Miro then shut a door on Kip's hand and embraced him to end the segment. 

It was then time for the main event TNT Title match between Darby Allin and Preston "10" Vance. Similar to past TNT Championship matches, Darby had to fight from underneath against the bigger man, but the match also featured interference. After several minutes, a standoff between Sting and Dark Order was initiated and while the official was distracted, Ethan Page appeared from out of nowhere and threw Darby into the ring post. 

10 was initially conflicted about taking advantage but he did so upon Dark Order's urging. Vance then went for the Full Nelson but Darby countered and ripped away at the mask. 10 managed to lock it in, though, after blocking a mid-rope Coffin Drop and he ragdolled Darby. 

The TNT Champion just managed to survive, though, and just before he passed out he channelled his inner Bret Hart and ran up the ropes to reverse the submission into a pin for the 1-2-3. 

After the match, 10 helped Darby to his feet and they embraced after Allin held up the Brodie Lee black armband. 

Darby couldn't celebrate his win for long, though, and Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attacked the TNT Champion and Sting after Dark Order headed backstage. Sky then locked in the Heel Hook on Sting while a helpless Allin watched on, but the marauders were driven off soon after by Lance Archer and 10 as Dynamite went off the air. 

Check out the full results from the show below:
• Brian Cage def. "Hangman" Adam Page
• The Young Bucks def. The Sydal Brothers - AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator 
• Orange Cassidy def. Penta El Zero Miedo
• Kris Statlander def. Penelope Ford
• The Factory def. The Nightmare Family
• Darby Allin def. 10 - TNT Championship 

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