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AEW's Britt Baker: You Can't Trust Anything WWE Say

WWE have in the past expressed interest in signing Baker

There is no doubt that Britt Baker is one of AEW’s biggest stars. But before committing to AEW Baker was also scouted by WWE, having appeared on NXT in 2018.

However, as revealed to Inside the Ropes Kenny McIntosh, Baker spoke of how she couldn’t turn her back on AEW if WWE came sniffing again:

“They definitely expressed interest - unfortunately, I’ve got to pick and choose how I say this - but I just feel like you can’t trust anything with that company, whereas at AEW I’ve never been promised anything that didn’t follow through.

“So it’s something that, unfortunately, it’s sad that it comes down to that, that it makes a company not really desirable because you can’t trust anything they say. And I know business is business, and I understand totally that’s what it is, but as a wrestler, business is business as well.”

Baker’s AEW run started slowly, but she soon turned things around to become the biggest star of the women’s division, and one of the biggest stars in all of AEW.

“Everything AEW had done for me, with the growth I’ve had here, most importantly how much fun I have here, I truly love going to work every week; I never dread it and that is something that is invaluable, you can’t ever give that up and if you find something where not a day in your life feels like work then you absolutely can’t give that up. That’s where I’m at right now.”

“I’m too thankful to AEW and Tony Khan and everybody who has trusted in me, because without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now,“ continued Baker.

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