AEW's Eddie Kingston Criticises Bryan Danielson: "Why Do You Think I Tried To Bloody Up His Chest?"

Kingston took issue with Bryan's recent criticism of AEW stars.

AEW's Eddie Kingston has criticised Bryan Danielson, speaking in a recent interview with WrestleTalk.

“The real Bryan’s starting to leak out. Judging Orange Cassidy. Judging all the guys who were either a) there at the beginning of AEW, or b) are so different that he doesn’t like it, doesn’t get it. That’s fine, you don’t have to get it, but shut your mouth. Don’t judge."

Kingston here seems to be referring to Danielson's recent promo on last week's Dynamite, in which he tried to convince Jon Moxley to join forces. In doing so, Bryan was dismissive of AEW's more outlandish characters such as Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, as well as champions he deems unworthy, like Hangman Page and Sammy Guevara.

Kingston continued,

“Bryan’s one of those people. Bryan’s a very judgemental person. ‘Oh, you eat meat, ugh’. That’s him. ‘Oh you don’t do the Karl Gotch workout system? Ugh’. Why do you think I tried to bloody up his chest? Come on folks.

“You’ve gotta look underneath the surface at these people. What they put on the screen is not them, and when it starts leaking out everyone gets mad."

It's likely that Kingston's comments are in-character, and could possibly lead to another match between the two. They last wrestled in October 2021, with Danielson winning by referee's decision. 

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