AEW’s Eddie Kingston Doesn't Like "Big Idiot" Cesaro

Is Kingston looking to reunite his feud with the ‘Swiss Cyborg’?

Eddie Kingston says what he thinks, and his no f's given attitude and gift of gab have made him one of AEW’s hottest properties.

When he feuded with CM Punk going into Full Gear 2021, Kingston’s promos toed the line between kayfabe and reality, and it looks like he’s doing the same with regards to old rival Cesaro (fka Claudio Castagnoli)

“There's certain people in wrestling I do not like,“ said Kingston on News12. “Punk is one, Cesaro is another one. The big Swiss idiot at WWE. Whatever, I don’t like him, I don’t respect him. If he ever comes here, we are gonna have a problem. Whenever his contract is up, I don’t really pay attention to what he does.”

Kingston and Cesaro feuded on and off for several years, most notably across ROH, CZW, and Chikara, with Cesaro coming out on top in their last bout before the ‘Very European’ wrestler signed with WWE.

Kingston has spoken of his relationship with Cesaro before, pulling no punches when talking on prior to AEW Double or Nothing 2021:

"You want to know the truth? You want to know ‘Inside Baseball’? He’s a scumbag. Cesaro’s a scumbag. I didn’t have fun with him at all. He’s a scumbag. Here comes ‘Inside Baseball’. He was supposed to put me over at Chikara before he left for WWE and he didn’t do it, so f*** him. He knows I’m talking about him all the time. F*** him. F*** you Cesaro, Claudio, whatever you want to call yourself. Stay over there. Don’t come to AEW. Big b**** Swiss motherf*****. I don’t like him. I don’t know if you noticed that.”

Shoot? Work? A combination of the two? With Eddie Kingston you never know.

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