AEW's Ricky Starks Discusses Comparisons To The Rock

High praise, if nothing else...

The confident swagger, the expensive wardrobe, and perhaps a few physical characteristics. Fans, critics, and peers have caught on to current AEW star "Absolute" Ricky Starks, with some noting the quirks he perhaps has in common with a certain wrestling legend.

The former NWA Television champion spoke with Fightful about the comparisons he draws to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. While a few of the similar traits can't be helped, Starks does take umbrage to some believing his manner of dress is a direct impersonation of Johnson.

"That's how I dress," Starks insists. "People are like, 'Oh, he's trying to be like someone.' No, that's how I like to dress. I like nice clothes and fashion. No one has ever told me that I can't dress a certain way. I have people that will clown on me back there, but it doesn't matter. If anything, I'd rather win the Best Dressed Award over anything. 

"The issue is, fans are used to people coming out in Nikes and basketball shorts and they see someone like me and it goes up against what they're used to and they go, 'This dude looks wack because he's wearing Gucci slip-on shoes with a Gucci belt and a knit top and gold chain.' Dude, I look fly as hell. I just don't get why, if someone dresses nice, why do you have to be The Rock?"

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Justin Henry

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